Social Media Mastery Course


Increase Your Social Media Presence.

Video Lessons Included:

Module 1: Understanding the social media landscape

What is Social Media Marketing?
Social Media Marketing Trends and Opportunities
10 thing to know before you get started with social media marketing

Module 2: Laying down the social media framework

Understanding your business goals and organization
Understanding & creating your buyer’s persona
Choosing the right social media platforms for your business
Analysis of Social Media Competetive Landscape

Module 3: Social Media Channels Deep Dive

FaceBook Marketing – Approach, Best Practices & Case Study
Twitter Marketing – Approach, Best Practices & Case Study
Pinterest Marketing – Approach, Best Practices & Case Study
Linkedin Marketing – Approach, Best Practices & Case Study
YouTube Marketing – Approach, Best Practices & Case Study
Instagram Marketing – Approach, Best Practices & Case Study

Module 4: Content Strategy For Social Media Channels

Blogging strategy to acquire a wider social media audience
Content formats which win on social media
FaceBook Content – Best Practices
Twitter Content – Best Practices
Pinterest Content – Best Practices
Linkedin Content – Best Practices
YouTube Content – Best Practices
Instagram Content – Best Practices

Module 5: Measure Your Social Media Marketing

11 Social Media Marketing KPIs You Must Measure
5 Must Have Social Media Analytics Tools
FaceBook Analytics Walkthrough
Linkedin Analytics Walkthrough
Twitter Analytics Walkthrough
YouTube Analytics Walkthrough
Social Media and Google Analytics Integration and Walkthrough
Creating Social Media reports which helps decision making


Social Media Reporting Template – Excel Sheet
Social Media Channel Audit Checklist – PDF
High Converting Social Media Landing page examples and walkthrough
Customer service through Social Channel


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