YouTube SEO Course


1-Creating the momentum that will keep your business running

YouTube Business Engine

YouTube formula No.1

YouTube formula No.2

YouTube formula No.3

Video categories that are optimized for Performance

Traffic sources on YouTube

How to optimize YouTube traffic sources


2-Fill the gaps and research

Try to be better than someone else

Introduction to YouTube Keyword Research

How to scale the YouTube autocomplete process

Analyze Your Competitors

Competitor Tags

Use hashtags for video search

Keyword Inspector Tools

Find the best keyword from your list with Narrow-Down Strategy

Optimize your video for Google

How to find out the search volume for specific keyword


3. Publishing a High-Retention Video

The Formula for High Retention and HOT Leads

Create a Compelling Hook

Use Pattern Interrupts

Learn From Peaks and Valleys

Use a Script or Outline

Add Open Loops

Add Graphics and Visuals

Video category and a Video Filename

Tips and Advanced SEO Strategies

Best Times to Publish YouTube Videos

YouTube Thumbnails

How to create High-Retention Videos?

Video Comments as an important ranking factor

Turn Viewers Into Subscribers After Watching a Video

Get More YouTube Subscribers – PART 1

Get More YouTube Subscribers – PART 2

Introduction to Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Likes and dislikes on YouTube

Importance of YouTube likes

Video Length


4-YouTube Video Optimization


Include Target Keyword in your script

Optimize YouTube title formats

Importance of YouTube Description

Tags on YouTube

YouTube SEO Optimization of Your Channel Page

Link to your site in the description of the YouTube Video

YouTube Cards

Use YouTube End Screen

Take advantage of Translation Tools to reach an International Audience

Add timestamp to YouTube videos and create Key Moments


5-Promote Your Video Preview

Mention Your Video on Reddit, Quora and Other QA Sites

Link To Your Video In Your Email Signature


Build your community with Facebook Group

Use YouTube Playlists

Traffic hacking

Tips and Tricks if you are just starting with YouTube


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